Cannabis And Cancer

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Cannabis and Cancer

Facebook Fact Checks

This is a reference of posts on my Facebook account “Anti Vaccine Mandate” that were fact checked.

Uruguay Judge Ruling Pfizer

DECREE: 1189/2022 For filed, deducting amparo action; and established the domicile. ATTENTION THAT: According to art. 6 inc. 1 of Law No. 16,011, the judge can “at any time” order proceedings to better provide. Substantiating the process, otherwise, in a single hearing. Which, in analogy with the extraordinary process (art. 346 of the CGP), enables […]

Sloan Kettering

This is all information I was looking at once to develop the theme that cancer researchers were understanding cancer in order to create cancer. That’s a much larger theme. If you would like to take these sources and develop some articles please feel free to do so. The German-American link on cancer research has strong […]

Test Model Herbs Multiple Linear Regression

When it comes to “red pills,” I’m about to tell you one of the biggest ones you can take.  Ones this big are hard to take all at once.  I ask you to suspend disbelief.  Before you finish reading, I will give you a simple method to prove me right or prove me wrong. This […]

History of Cinchona Bark; Quinine; Chloraquine; Hydroxychloroquine.

This is just a “file dump” timeline of the history of this ancient antiviral tree bark and its derivatives. 340 AD. The anti-fever properties of qinghao first described by Ge Hong in China. This is Artemisia annua. Malaria Site 1600. A Jesuit is said to have been cured of fever at Malacotas, near Loxa, by taking the […]

Dr. Peterson Pierre describes intentional death by hospitalization of unvaccinated “COVID” patients

Hospital protocols are designed to kill unvaccinated COVID patients. I will call this term “death by hospitalization.” Hospital protocols do not provide any unapproved treatment or even basic medical care to “unvaccinated” patients. By intentionally causing death to unvaccinated patients, government agencies create false statistics that unvaccinated are more likely to die than unvaccinated patients. […]


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