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About – Why I am Independent Politically

Charles Wright

I am Independent.  The short version of how I arrived here is that I went from a Republican to a Democrat to an Independent.  I’ve felt like a fool for supporting both parties.  The long version is as follows with some of my history and the things which shape my opinions today.  


I was raised in a small town in North Alabama that had a good public school which received private funding from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  Grant was a very religious community on an isolated mountain top with several churches, one gasoline station, one grocery store, and one school.  We learned readin, writin and rhythmatic.

I graduated high school in 1987.  At the time, despite the tremendous support for President Reagan, you had to be a Democrat to be elected locally in Alabama.  I remember asking the adults why why not vote for Republicans locally when you support Republicans nationally?  When a bitter dispute erupted between Democratic candidates for Governor, it allowed the unknown Guy Hunt to steal the election as a Republican.  Alabama has been more or less a “red state” ever since.  I was very conservative by the time I went to college. 


I was member of the first Pro-Life group at Auburn.  Also Young Republicans. 

This was in a period of high Cold War tension.  I remember that Auburn offered “contemporary history” as an alternative to traditional history.  I took the course.  The textbooks were “Understanding Weapons and Arms Control” and “The Middle East.”  The Berlin Wall fell.  The United States invaded Iraq.

My political views were tempered somewhat by 2 things during this time:   Women, and “Libertarianism.” 

Women, first, in Advanced Composition.  Abortion was a hot button issue at the time.  My teacher was a very distinguished lady who always dressed immaculately and wore a “NOW” button on her dress- the National Organization of Women.  She was outspoken yet eloquent about abortion right’s and women’s rights.  

The textbook was Morals of a Prince, in addition to English books.  She would initiate debate on topics like abortion in the class to get us to state our opinions, then make us back them up in a position paper which she would grade for composition.  It’s not enough to be right, she would say, you have to be able to state and prove your positions.  I was one of the few men in a a decidedly liberal group of mostly women and no one took the pro-life side except me.  I became the designated “conservative guy” in these debates because no one else would do it. 

The “pro-choice” argument was along the lines of “what’s the man’s responsibility in an accidental pregnancy,” and “why should women alone bear the burden?”  I had no good defense.  They changed my mind on it, although it took awhile to set in.    

I still could not concede that abortion was a “Constitutional right,” a position they could not argue well against.  The teacher was my debate opponent.  And so I had to write my final paper on the unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade.  Based on a review of the entire case and other related cases, my opinion was that the Supreme Court was a political body that did not care one bit what was in the Constitution of the United States.  

The Supreme Court had ruled around the time of the Roe verdict that casual drug use was not a Constitutional right.  I felt like these verdicts were mirror images of each other.  On abortion, the individual “right” was found in the spirit of multiple Amendments, although not explicitly stated.  On drug use, they just said it was “interstate commerce.” 

Both cases clearly concerned both individual freedoms and interstate commerce.  They just chose two different rationales based on their politics.  I backed it up well enough to receive an A.

“Why can’t I smoke a joint if you can have an abortion” was a question the women couldn’t answer.  I think I changed their minds a bit too. 

I now support a Constitutional Amendment to add abortion rights to some extent.  I just don’t like the legislative shortcuts.  They are dangerous and take power away from “We the People.”  This is not a “liberal” or “conservative” position to me.  This is the foundation of government we are talking about here.  I’m trying to keep control of it.

Essentially, the Supreme Court has ceased to provide the “check and balance” it was designed to do, and has become a smaller, even more corrupt version of Congress with members appointed for life. 

Economic theory was very interesting at the time with the headlines of free market theory winning over communism.  This was my undergraduate major.  I remember a class Theory of Socialism and Capitalism, based on the book of the same name by Hans Hermann Hoppe.  The book was considered to be the standard of pure capitalism.  The professor was a “Libertarian” who ran for Senate.  He published a book on his Ph.D. thesis:  The Economics of Prohibition, which explained the negative effects of regulation.  The Libertarian party was also in favor of abortion rights, or lack of government regulation.  Generally they just didn’t like government involvement in most anything.  I agreed with them to a certain extent, most certainly on casual harmless “drug” use like marijuana, but not completely on abortion and other things.  I was moderate right. 


I’ll share an important event in my life in an otherwise uneventful era.  I had a friend at work who was very liberal and liked to debate things with me.  He was a Bernie Sanders supporter.  He talked about “conspiracy theories.”  He said things like “it’s all about the Skull and Bones.”  He was loaded with facts that that I patiently listened to even though I generally thought it to be a bunch of nonsense.  When it came to economic theory, I used what I had learned in college to discredit socialism.  I could tell that I insulted him when he told me the story of Che Guevarra.  I said something along the lines of you have to be a fool to believe in socialism with all the failures around the world. He said I was “already indoctrinated.”  And that was the end of the friendship.  But I never forgot the things he said about the Bush family, the Skull and Bones, neo-Nazis and so forth because he was so specific.


I went back to Auburn and studied econometrics, a field of mathematics that is typically applied to economics but can be applied to most anything.  In the first semester that I was in college the attacks of September 11, 2001 occurred.  I was in class when I heard. 

I strongly supported the military action in Afghanistan, and later, Iraq.  I argued against the “doves” based on the intelligence community’s assessments of “WMDs” of Iraq.  

Subsequently this assessment proved to be false.  A Presidential Daily Briefing dated August 6, 2001 had also “leaked” to the public that showed that the White House ignored a report that Osama bin Laden intended to hijack airplanes.  

I became certain that I had been deliberately misled by the government.  I wasn’t the only one.  Support for the war fell from roughly 2/3 to 1/3.  I was in the third that changed their mind. 

Everything my friend had told me about these people in the White House came back and I knew that he was right.  I can’t describe the sense of betrayal that I felt in the way my Patriotism had been falsely directed.  I started researching these things and calling for investigations. 

In 2004, as President Bush was called to testify before the 9/11 Commission, the CIA assassinated Pat Tillman to distract from his testimony and bolster support for the war.  Somehow this made me more mad than 9/11 and the fake WMD intel altogether.   It really hit home at a football game when they asked for a moment of silence for Pat Tillman.  I still remember it.  In a crowd that large, I felt like I was the only one who knew the truth.  I remember thinking “this is what they wanted.”  

I became convinced that the Republican establishment was evil and that we had to get the Republicans out of the White House or something really bad would happen again.  I swapped teams from Team Red to Team Blue.  I didn’t care about the politics. 


I joined “Daily Kos,” which was the intellectual center for politics of the left.  I found this group to be highly intelligent in politics and I learned a lot from them.  I felt like I could help the left out with my perspective from the right on what their weaknesses were, such as abortion, racism, etc.  It’s how the game was played.   


Obama was elected, and I thought things settled down a bit.  I thought the criticisms directed against the Clintons and Obama were sour grapes for the most part.  I didn’t research the “conspiracy theories” of the right about these parties, especially the Clintons.  


“Red flags” started flying again, not the least of which were Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and Russia’s apparent involvement in several assassinations, our elections, and so on.  I began to research again.  I bought into the “Russiagate” narrative.   I had “Blue bias,” or political bias.  Selective facts on Trump and Russia came in from multiple sources that fed a narrative that I would be inclined to believe as a Democrat who did not trust the Republicans.

But there was another narrative beginning at this time which came to explain everything, the rape lawsuit filed against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.  

Mainstream media will devote most of their resources to  generate and debate the most stupid and trivial issues imaginable.  Here we had a rape lawsuit filed against a nominee for President.  The media refused to speak of it.   Hillary Clinton, the other nominee, refused to speak of it.

Epstein was quickly tied to Bill Clinton on social media.  Donald Trump made sure of that with comments he made.  That explained Hillary’s silence, but not the silence of the mainstream media or the establishments of both the Republican and Democrat parties.   They seemed to take the news of the rape lawsuit as “mutually assured destruction.”  Kenneth Starr, the “witch hunter” who went after Bill Clinton over legal sex with Monica Lewsinsky, was reported to be a part of the legal team that supported Epstein.

Why would the witch hunter defend the witch if circumstances pointed to Clinton committing crimes with Epstein?  Why would the “sweetheart” deal be granted by Republicans in the White House (George Bush) and Governor’s mansion of Florida (Jeb Bush) to cover up for the Democrat, Bill Clinton?   The political angle didn’t make sense.  People had changed teams or revealed themselves to be on the same team.  You couldn’t just vote your way out of it.

I began what became a systematic approach to research, a simple system involving data entry of thousands of “facts” with hashtags for sorting.  Several thousand hours in I figured something out to my satisfaction.

I’ve come to believe that the leniency given to Epstein almost certainly involves information given by Epstein to the FBI on Epstein’s knowledge of “insider trading” based on prior knowledge of the impending 9/11 terrorist attacks.   This is a field of research that I intend to report to the public.  I would like to have funding, because it has become difficult to do so otherwise.


By this point, I had determined that their are powers that control both major parties in the United States, and I became a true Independent.  I had researched the Clintons and found that the truth is worse than the Republicans think.  I “fact checked” the parent documents of the most advanced and reputable “conspiracy theories” I could find – The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations – by Myron Fagan, 1967, and the Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin, 1994.  I added my own research on multiple subjects.  

One of these subjects was cancer.  I had determined that the US government had suppressed cures for cancer, had conducted research to develop and spread cancer, and that the entire FDA/Pharma system is designed to create disease and suppress cures for the profit of pharma. When news started coming out that the “virus” was manmade, and that the “vaccines” only spread the virus and had terrible effects on the human body, I knew the truth of it quicker than most.  

And so that brings us to date.  I’ve been misled on the right and the left. And now you know why I’m independent.  I don’t trust establishments.  I trust Americans- Americans who are basing their decisions on good information instead of the lies we are told.  That’s the purpose of this blog:  education and sharing research.

Charles Edward Wright III

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