Senator Rand Paul recently tweeted “As the evidence mounts, it becomes harder and harder for the powers that be to dismiss a lab leak origin for COVID 19.”

I feel like a bit of a school teacher for slow grade students when I have to continuously point out to the “Lab Leak” theorists that bioweapons are transportable.

What we can agree on is that there was a bioweapons event in Wuhan, China. Whether this bioweapon “leaked” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or was transported there, is an open question.

Recently I took a look at what information was available on the involvement of US bioweapons expert Michael Callahan in the Wuhan Central Hospital, where many deaths of elderly Chinese occurred.

Callahan reported the death rates of what was later named “COVID” back to the United States. Callahan obtained 6,212 patient records, according to Science. 27% of these patients died who were also using omeprazole (Prilosec). 14% if these patients died were using famotidine (Pepcid AC).

Callahan reported to the United States that people died from COVID at a lower rate who were using famotidine as opposed to omeprazole. Independently, according to Robert Malone, Malone somehow discovered in a government computer base that famotidine would act as a “cure” for SARS-CoV-2. Malone, coincidentally, was investigating what were apparently cures for a binary bioweapons class known as “Novichoks” (organophosphate nerve agents).

I ask the following question: What was the rate of death of “COVID” patients in the Wuhan Central Hospital who were not using either famotidine or omeprazole?

For argument’s sake, let’s say it was zero. Let’s say there was a reaction between both famotidine and omeprazole and whatever “bioweapon” that was deployed (or leaked) around Wuhan. This interaction created much higher death rates for those who were using famotidine and omeprazole.

Shouldn’t Congress ask to see the death rates data of a US bioweapons expert in Wuhan Central Hospital, Senator Paul? Data created while – while – Michael Callahan was in the Wuhan Central Hospital, apparently?

I would like to recall the public’s attention to the “mystery virus” in the Greenspring Retirement Community in July, 2019.

China frequently pointed to this outbreak as a potential source of the bioweapon responsible for COVID-19. The theory being something like the bioweapon had been transferred from Fort Detrick, around 60 miles away, to Greenspring, then somehow got on an airplane and traveled to the Military Games in China in October 2019.

That theory never made any sense to me. Whatever happened at Greenspring happened quickly and was contained.

I suggest now that the “mystery virus” at Greenspring could have been a test of a binary bioweapon. Binary bioweapons are made of at least two parts, both harmless separately. It probably wouldn’t be too hard for one of these mad scientists types to create a deadly binary component to whatever medications elderly people often take.

Note further that elderly people died after Michael Callahan exited the Diamond Princess and Grand Princess cruise ships.

I do not suggest that that a binary bioweapon could be solely responsible for COVID-19. I just propose that a binary bioweapon was a tool used early in the Pandemic. Outside China, with their mass death event, COVID-19 was said to be spreading “asymptotically,” confusing health officials in the US, as was the case with the Feb 10 discussion of the Diamond Princess before Michael Callahan was transported to it.

Michael Callahan was transported to the Diamond Princess on February 14. This is what the pattern of deaths on the Diamond Princess looked like after his exit. A binary component to and medications used by these elderly “COVID” victims could have been transported harmlessly onto the Diamond Princess to anyone not exposed to the other binary component.

Note further, that Callahan’s contract with Robert Kadlec is extremely suspicious, and should also be the subject of a Congressional investigation.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Within days (of a January 28, 2020 email to Robert Kadlec), Kadlec had signed Callahan up for a six-month stint helping ASPR to provide virus intelligence by way of his Chinese connections and advise on how to respond to virus inside the United States. “His physical location and meetings will be determined by the ASPR,” read his statement of work. “He will be expected to respond on ICS [Incident Command System] timelines (24/7 mobile access: 2hr to airport; autonomous resources). He will not [be] official U.S. Government, will not represent U.S. Government opinions, will not communicate to media or social media and will presume all information is [Sensitive but Unclassified / Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals.”

Callahan’s counterpart in the United States, Robert Malone, has repeatedly implied that Callahan was working for the CIA in Wuhan. This is an effort to classify the evidence and suppress the reporting on Callahan’s role in Wuhan. It has worked. Only Congress can investigate the CIA, which essentially is the DOJ.

Any investigation that Rand Paul or Congress undertakes on a “Wuhan Lab Leak” theory that does not put a microscope on the role of Michael Callahan will be another farce, just like the 9/11 Commission.

Charles Wright