It is being increasingly realized in the days of hygienic

reform and complex social legislation that ability to

read critically reports dealing with mortality and sick-

ness is required not only of medical men but of all

educated citizens. The object of this book is to explain

in non-technical language and with the help of practical

examples the most important methods of incasuring the

growth of a population and the causes of mortality to

which it is exposed. For those, such as medical officers

of health, who may desire to carry their studies further,

it will be a valuable introduction, while those not

professionally concerned will find in it all the

knowledge they require to enable them to

understand official reports on mortality and

morbidity and will realise how much

interesting and important infor-

mation is actually contained

in official documents

usually supposed

to be dull.

This is a textbook of London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine, 1936. They modeled death from the census of 1931 and whatever else they could dredge up. They told their disciples to go forth with this valuable information.

 “I consider the School as my professional home where I started my professional career in a serious way” – Dr Tedros.