Hospital protocols are designed to kill unvaccinated COVID patients. I will call this term “death by hospitalization.” Hospital protocols do not provide any unapproved treatment or even basic medical care to “unvaccinated” patients. By intentionally causing death to unvaccinated patients, government agencies create false statistics that unvaccinated are more likely to die than unvaccinated patients.

Dr. Petersen Pierre described the financial incentive system that pays hospitals to take COVID patients down a path to death in no uncertain terms. He lays out the financial incentives in 7 steps.

This is Doctor Peterson Pierre with America’s Frontline Doctors bringing you today’s frontline flash. So the current situation is this. If you have COVID and you end up at the hospital, you’re put on a rigid protocol. And there is high mortality in the hospital. And your family is kept in the dark as to what’s happening. So what’s going on here.

Number 1, the CARES Act is providing bonus payments to hospitals whenever you have a diagnosis of COVID.

And then number 2, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is waiving patient rights. This is a deadly combination. So here’s what happens. You get a payment because you offer a free COVID test in the Emergency room. You get a “boost payment” if you get a diagnosis of COVID.

Number 3, you get another bonus payment if you are admitted with COVID.

Number 4, you get another bonus payment if you’re put on Remdesivir.

Number 5, another bonus payment if you’re put on a mechanical ventilator.

Number 6, another 20% bonus if the diagnosis on your death certificate says “COVID,” even though you may not have died from COVID.

And then number 7, there’s bonus payments to coroners. Do you understand the gravity of what’s happening right now? The Biden Administration is literally paying hospitals to kill people. That’s what’s happening. This is terrible. We need to stop that. These are real human lives we are talking about. They’re priceless. It’s estimated that about $100,000 per patient is what the hospitals get. Think about that.