The blackmail game of Epstein and co, if you didn’t know it, involves a great deal of evidence that Epstein collected on politicians and VIPs in the United States. That’s not exactly news at this point. What’s news are the details about the network, and the involvement of the FBI.

To begin with, someone tipped Epstein off before the Palm Beach police department raid- very likely Sandy Berger, if Bradly Edwards questioning of Adriana Ross has any basis in fact. Edwards questioning appeared to be based on information provided to him by Donald Trump.

Associates of Epstein removed the computers with who knows what on them, and who knows what other evidence. They would have stored video somehow, and most certainly appointment logs, contact information, etc. A lot of it. All of it probably. There may more be specific descriptions of the evidence by now. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter exactly. Suffice to say it was sufficient for the intended blackmail purpose.

Apparently, according to the testimony of an FBI agent at Maxwell’s trial, the FBI confiscated all of it sometime after the Palm Beach PD raid as evidence. The FBI began an investigation of Epstein in late 2006 at the Palm Beach PD’s request. According to the FBI agent who testified at Maxwell’s trial, when the FBI raided Jeffrey Epstein in July 2019 before they arrested him, they opened his safe, and discovered that items in the safe already had FBI evidence tape over them, which they had not done. What that means obviously is that the FBI let Epstein have his evidence back, with the FBI evidence tape still on it, after they dropped their investigation in 2008. Either that or Epstein acquired some FBI evidence tape and faked it for some reason. Epstein has been known to fake some things.

Of course, assuming the FBI evidence tape was legit, the FB would have categorized it all back in 2006-07, or whenever they confiscated it. And this is where the evidence games get interesting.

In July 2019, the FBI raided Epstein, opened the safe, and took pictures of everything. Then they left, because their warrant wasn’t good enough to confiscate the items, or something- I don’t know exactly. They’re not trying to make sense. They’re playing an evidence game. What?

If they were trying to cover up their evidence game, they probably wouldn’t be testifying about it in court, the way I see it. After they photographed the items in the safe, the FBI went back, and the evidence was gone. Surprise surprise. So they called Epstein’s lawyers, who showed up with it all in some bags and gave it to them. OK.

A few points here. One is that US Attorney Marie Villafana engaged in negotiations with Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys in 2007 to gain Epstein’s computer drives. She thought they had them. Maybe the FBI had them. Who knows. She didn’t get them.

Another is that while the items returned to the FBI before and after the July 2019 raid may look the same, the FBI wouldn’t be able to determine the content of the hard drives and CDs by looking at them. They wouldn’t know if the contents were modified. The question becomes did the FBI scan these items back when they first had them. Who knows.

Conceivably the lawyers could have swapped real evidence for fake evidence, or fake evidence for real evidence. It’s difficult to understand the nature of the collusion, but there clearly was one.

Another big point here though, the prosecution dumped a lot of photographs into evidence that they claimed were from the July 2019 raid. A few major points here. One, you think this is all the photos they have? You think Epstein wouldn’t keep some blackmail photos in print? Since they were photographed the first time, there’s no hiding that evidence. So who knows what the FBI is sitting on here. Again, this is coming from FBI testimony. So while the detailed computer evidence may or may not have been destroyed in this collusion, much evidence remains in the form of photographs.

Second, just what the prosecution dropped in photographed and the new flight logs can be used to piece together a great deal more of this network by the press. A great deal. For instance, the flight log of Donald Trump from Palm Beach to New York with Jeffery Epstein in June of 1994 puts the claims of “Katie Johnson” in a new light.

That’s just for starters. The FBI didn’t date their photos. The dates and locations of the photos can be compared to flight logs. There’s a lot to go through here. There’s a lot to absorb. After a thorough analysis of the new information, the public’s knowledge of the nature of both the network and the FBI’s (hopefully former) collusion with the network should be greatly increased. It’s gumshoe, evidence collecting work that has to be done in spreadsheets with all the dates, locations, and related facts. It’s something I did once before and that’s one of the reasons I know so much about this network. Analysis is a good 90% data collection.

What’s most encouraging is the FBI testimony to me. Between that and the new evidence, it signals a change for the better.