Test method:  Model the spread of viruses contained in USAID’s PREDICT data.  

Peter Daszak and associates went all over the world collecting viruses.  It would have been easy for them to spread the viruses they collected as they moved around the continents of America, Africa and Asia. 

If that’s what they did, depending on how many times they did it and how far they moved the viruses, virologists and statisticians can prove it if they have the necessary data.  If that didn’t happen, a study of their activities will absolve them and I will apologize.  

It will be necessary for virologists and statisticians to obtain the complete data set of the PREDICT virus collections including the genomic sequences of the viruses.   All data collected by Daszak and associates under a “Nipah virus R01” will need to be obtained by researchers as well.  This data begins in 2000 before the PREDICT program officially began in 2009.

The statistical model published by Peter Daszak in his NIH study “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” is a sound statistical model for virologists and statisticians to consider in order to prove or disprove my hypothesis.

I will briefly establish my probable cause for my hypothesis which the data may prove or disprove.

The Rockefeller Foundation, associated with Peter Daszak, has a long history of Genocide against mankind including the Holocaust.  The people at Rockefeller Foundation were never tried, convicted and executed for their crimes against humanity as they should have been.   Ultimately Peter Daszak’s work was taken to the Rockefeller Foundation as part of the Global Virome Project to collect every virus in the world.

Bellagio Rockefeller Initiative Global Virome Project

Peter Daszak was involved in research that involved the spread of a fungus by humans in the 1990s that caused a massive death in frogs on two distant continents.  Peter Daszak was involved in virus research at the London Zoo in the 1990s that could have been a deliberate attempt to cause an extinction of a snail species with a virus.  Peter Daszak took his research to the CDC in 1998 where they helped him develop mathematical models of virus transmission.  Peter Daszak began to specialize in coronavirus research at the CDC in 1998 during the the Nipah Virus outbreak. Peter Daszak’s Government-funded collections of coronavirus appear to begin sometime around 1999 in a “Nipah virus R01.” Several major outbreaks of coronavirus occurred afterwards. 

Charles Wright