Evidence has accumulated which makes the following obvious to me: The mRNA vaccines do not kill the virus. At best, they only provide some immunity from the effects of the virus in the host. The vaccines target the spike protein of the virus and not the body of the virus, so that the virus does not “stick” to the ACE2 receptor in humans. (The ACE2 receptor is a protein on the surface of many cell types that the coronavirus attaches to).

The best case scenario for those vaccinated is the virus just bounces around in the human host without attaching. If/when the spike proteins of the virus mutate enough in the host they can attach to the ACE2 receptor. Many so-called “breakthough” infections are likely a result of mutations in the host, not “catching” the virus after being vaccinated. In any and all cases though, among those who are vaccinated and infected, the virus just keeps multiplying and mutating in the host, bouncing around in the host like so many pinballs without attaching.

While the host may or may not be protected from the virus, everyone else is not protected from the host. A vaccinated and infected person becomes a “super spreader” of the disease, walking around feeling fine and breathing large amounts of the original virus and/or any other forms of the virus that mutated inside them onto everyone else. This has been going on all over the world for some time and the media and government keep blaming the spread of the virus on the unvaccinated. The have misstated cause and effect.

Now on to some evidence. There are 3 main topics of recent evidence.

1. A video presentation of SARS 2 evolution and remarks on the presentation made by another blogger which together prove to me that the vaccines caused the virus to mutate and spread all over the world.

2. The strikingly lower rate of spread of SARS 2 in the continent of Africa, which also has the lowest vaccination rates.

3. A recent media report from Israel, the country with the highest vaccination rates in the world, essentially confirming what I said in the introduction.

Here is a video presentation Fred Hutch “SARS CoV-2 evolutionary dynamics.” It shows you how this virus has spread all around the world. I will reference some comments from an article: “Directed Evolution II” based on the video presentation. There is plenty more in the information in both the video and the article and I suggest that everyone review both.

The fascinating aspect of this presentation is that it highlights the mutational spectrum of C19 during 2021 and it is as clear as day that there is a massive enrichment for mutations in the spike protein compared to other parts of the genome.”

“By Spring 2021 Delta scariant takes over. This contains multiple mutations in the Spike sequence coinciding with the largest vaccination campaign ever seen in history… … with a leaky vaccine that only immunizes against spike but DOES NOT lower the viral loads of the patients. Some papers report higher viral loads with the vaccinated (Vietnam).”

On to Africa. I have followed Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical lead of the World Health Organization for COVID-19 on Twitter for some time. She seems like a nice person. She also seems to be making a silent cry for help. The WHO has been crying for “vaccine equity in Africa” for some time, under the premise that the poor nations cannot afford the vaccine, and the world should feel sorry for them and finance a free mass vaccination campaign for them. The problem is, of course, that the vaccine is the problem, and the low case numbers of COVID-19 in Africa prove it. Kerkhove highlighs, as you can see in the picture below, how low the vaccination rates are in Africa. She makes a real point of putting the continent of Africa in red (red pill?), and most of the rest of the world in green. In the second image, look at the thin blue line. That is the number of cases in Africa over time compared to the rest of the world. Look how low it is. This graph was uploaded to twitter several times by Maria Van Kerkhove while the WHO was crying out for “vaccine equity” in Africa. The negative correlation of COVID-19 rates and vaccination rates cannot escape their intellect, but they won’t come out and say it for some reason. In any case, Africa vs. the rest of the world is a large-scale, statistically significant undeniable proof that the vaccines are primarily responsible for spreading disease and death.

Maria Van Kerkhove Africa Vaccination Rates World Health Organization
Maria Van Kerkhove COVID-19 case rates Africa and world

On to Israel, the most vaccinated country on the planet. I don’t speak Hebrew, so I could use someone who could review the video and check to see if the subtitles accurately reflect what the reports said. It is important to verify all sources of information. I don’t know how to embed this video directly, so look at it in a twitter post if you like. This data was from September 22, 2021, I believe. Out of 279 cases of COVID-19 that day, 250 of them – 90% – were vaccinated. What this apparently means is that, as mentioned previously, the vaccine does not kill the virus (referred to as “decrease viral load”) and the spike protein just keeps mutating to the point where it “breaks through” to cause infection.

Israel COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthroughs

There are other telling statistics in the video, but I’ll only add one more screenshot, which pretty much sums it up: “In simple words, vaccinated people that got infected can transmit the disease exactly the same as unvaccinated people.” I think that’s a gross understatement, as I believe vaccinated people spread it much more than unvaccinated people. The “unvaccinated” will either treat the disease another way, fight it off with their immune system, or die. The vaccinated just walk around spreading it everywhere.

Israel COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthroughs

So are things hopeless? Of course not. The virus can easily be treated with Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, or a tremendous amount of natural antiviral herbs such as artemisia. There are likely thousands of effective treatments for this simple virus.

Briefly: I have been championing artemisia annua for some time on this blog, and found that South Africa successfully used another species of artemisia, artemisia afra, which grows better in Africa’s climate. Do these roadside vendors in South Africa know better than the most advanced Ph.D.’s in the world? Yes. They call it “umhlonyane.” You can read about it here: “Roaring trade as villagers cash in on umhlonyane as Covid-19 ‘cure.’ You can read the results here: Scientists can’t explain puzzling lack of coronavirus outbreaks in Africa. They didn’t get vaccinated as much. Duh. “I thought we were heading towards a disaster, a complete meltdown,” Professor Shabir Madhi told BBC News. The UK’s top virologist echoed what others must have thought about the African coronavirus outbreak. But South Africa’s death rate is almost seven times lower than in the UK.

Artemisa afra successfully treats COVID-19 South Africa

Now these are facts, not conspiracy theory. Obviously there must be a conspiracy for the media, medical professionals and governments of the world to behave in this manner. For now, let’s just deal with the facts and ban the vaccines immediately and use one of many available treatments if you get sick just like people have been doing since before recorded history.

There is absolutely no way this virus could infect and kill as many people in the world this fast without the virus being multiplied by the vaccine. I’ll add that an effective vaccine could easily have been created by Pharma in my opinion, but Pharma chose to target the spike protein of the virus and not the body of the virus for a reason. I am not “anti-vax” or “anti-science.” I am anti-Evil and pro-Truth.