Matt Couch, at DC Patriot, today exposed that the FBI offices of San Fransisco and Las Vegas had conducted an investigation somehow related to Seth Rich. Couch: “Now we’ve tracked things to the FBI field office in San Francisco, including the fact that the FBI field office had Seth Rich’s laptop. How did it make it all the way to San Francisco from Washington, D.C. and why?”

This seems to be solid evidence that Seth Rich was one of the people mentioned as “Conspirators” in the Department of Justice’s July 13, 2018 Indictment of 12 Russian hackers.

It’s interesting that there were “Conspirators” that were not indicted. Why would the Grand Jury indict Russian nationals living in Russia, who would never stand trial in the United States, and not indict the rest of the “Conspirators?”

Julian Assange essentially claimed, or at least strongly implied, that Seth Rich was his source for documents released by Wikileaks. Assange’s description of the leak matches perfectly with the DOJ Indictment language above: “Conspirators .. stage releases of the stolen documents to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.”

Consider that if someone really was working to steal information on criminal activity and expose it in a foreign country, that person would potentially be working for an agency which keeps its agents out of indictments. (There are executive orders to this effect). Perhaps the “Conspirators” were not indicted because they could not be indicted.

Whoever these “Conspirators” were, they were of course conspiring with Russia. The Russian Consulate in San Fransisco is known for conducting espionage and other operations in the United States. “Diplomats” in the Consulate were expelled by President Barack Obama on December 29, 2016 in a period of high diplomatic tension between the United States and Russia.

Seth Rich was killed on July 10, 2016. “Crossfire Hurricane” began around July 27, 2016. As reported by Couch, FBI San Fransisco requested evidence related to Seth Rich on September 21, 2016. Why else would FBI San Fransisco be interested in this Washington D.C. robbery/murder unless it had something to do with some entity in their jurisdiction? What else other than Russia?