Adriana Ross appears to have been a scheduler for girls assaulted by the network of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Adriana was a model in Europe since the age of 16, before she moved to the United States from her home in Poland in the fall of 2002 on a visa based on her work for Elite Models. She would have been 18-19 when she began her employment for Epstein.

Adriana subsequently married in the US and has pursued accounting in college.

When Epstein’s home was raided by police, they found wires hanging where electronics and computers would have been. Another employee of Epstein, Janus Bansiak, testified in a deposition that Adriana Ross showed up with another male person and they removed 3 computers prior to the raid.

Attorney Bradley Edwards strongly implied that former National Security Advisor to President Clinton called the home and tipped them off about the upcoming police raid.

The computers she was using would likely have contained a great deal of information on the clients of Jeffrey Epstein and his victims. A grand jury in Florida subpoenaed the computers after they were found missing. As part of the non-prosecution agreement against Epstein, the government agreed to let him keep his “evidence.” They specifically stated he could keep the computers.

The non-prosecution agreement was further designed to block any future investigations into the trafficking network by providing immunity to any “potential” co-conspirators. Adriana Ross was identified as a co-conspirator in the NPA. It appears that US Attorney Marie Villafana was prepared to charge Adriana Ross with crimes related to trafficking. The NPA, negotiated by Alana Dershowitz with Villafana, protected Adriana. It appears to me that the US Attorney’s strategy was designed to silence witnesses to this network.

Adriana has been reluctant to talk to the press due to potential charges against her. After the “death” of Jeffrey Epstein on August 10, Attorney General William Barr said that co-conspirators of Epstein “should not rest easy” on August 12.

I wrote on another blog, August 17, the following: “Is the United States going to leave a then 20-year old Polish immigrant vulnerable to what appears to be a real threat of assassination and not investigate the possibility of former President Clinton’s role in a what amounted to a coverup of Epstein’s larger criminal network?  Or can we expect a plea deal soon that will ensure her safety?”

Thankfully, she is alive and well while Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail facing trafficking charges. Adriana Ross seems like a willing witness who could provide tremendous insight into the operations of this network. Hopefully things are as they appear and Adriana Ross will testify against Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Daily Mail recently reported “Prosecutors said in a filing that the material for the trial includes ‘any co-conspirator statements’, a major sign that one of Epstein’s inner circle has turned state’s witness.”