Pope Francis used his Easter 2021 address, Urbi et Orbi (to the City and to the World) to call for global vaccinations for “Covid19”. “Vaccines are an essential tool in this fight. I urge the entire international community, in a spirit of global responsibility, to commit to overcoming delays in the distribution of vaccines and to facilitate their distribution, especially in the poorest countries.” He made his speech at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, an independent state of sorts within Rome, Italy. That’s St. Peter in the painting. It’s consistent with history that the Pope Francis would take an interest in healing the sick, as that is how the first Pope made a name for himself, the very same St. Peter.

St. Peter was one of Jesus’ 12 Apostles. In the painting below, he is healing the sick with his shadow. The scene is taken from Acts 15:5 in the Bible. Seems to me like a man with powers like that might want to walk in front of everyone who was sick, but he didn’t do that.

Let’s skip most of the Middle Ages and move to a time that history ignores and/or misrepresents.

In 1493, Pope Alexander VI issued a “Papal Bull” that divided the world between Spain and Portugal. This Pope said “we make, appoint, and depute you and your said heirs and successors lords of them with full and free power, authority, and jurisdiction of every kind…” Some say the Pope’s words essentially mean “colonize, convert, and enslave.” You may read more here: The Pope asserts rights to colonize, convert, and enslave – Timeline – Native Voices. Even this well written paper does not go far enough to describe the truth and evil of the papal bull, though.

History (as it is taught in the public education system of the United States, anyway) tiptoes around the unpleasant reality that Spain deliberately used smallpox for biological warfare against natives in the Americas after Pope Alexander VI divided the world between Spain and Portugal in 1493. Some estimate that 40-50 million people, or 90% of the population, died in and around the areas we today call Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and surrounding islands in the late 15th and early 16th century. Smallpox and the Conquest of Mexico – Past Medical History

Let’s move forward again. In the early 1980s, a scandal at the Vatican Bank revealed that it was the bank of the Italian Mafia. SOURCE – In God’s Name, David Yallop. This Bank was conveniently untouchable under Italian law. One of the ways the Mafia made money was by providing “protection” from the Black Hand, a terrorist organization. Of course, the Mafia was also the Black Hand. In other words, the Mafia was working both sides of the street. This is not unlike the donations for disease miracles profit network.

Is it possible to set up a system like that today that allows a criminal organization to profit from the distribution of disease and cures? Of course. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the U.S. government, likely among other governments, has conducted extensive statistical analysis of diseases and cures for disease that are not available to the public. They would have used statistics that crunch large volumes of data at once, not the system the FDA forces the public to use.

My thoughts on vaccines? Can they work? Of course. It’s never a question of capability with these people. It’s a question of credibility. The technology likely exists to have a computer design a virus and a vaccine simultaneously.

The public has absolutely no clue what’s in a vaccine or how it works. The doctors who prescribe them are no more than rubber stamps. If something goes wrong with a vaccine, they’ll just say it was “FDA approved.”

Under these conditions, I cannot trust the vaccine system. As the Vatican and others cry out for a system that will quickly provide vaccines to the world, careful what you wish for. What could be done with a system that would vaccinate the world in a few weeks?