INTRODUCTION: I’m not going to “write” too much on this. I’m going to let the facts do the talking. Fact: the government was doing extensive medical research on THC, DDT, and Cancer in 1974 when all medical use and research had been banned in the United States by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

After Congress banned Cannabis, they created the DEA, then the NIDA. The DEA contracted NIDA, who in turn contracted the University of Mississippi, to grow cannabis. Mississippi then provided the plants to Pharmaceutical Companies. Again, while all medical use and research was banned in the United States, the Pharmaceutical Companies had their own steady supply paid for by taxpayers.

Here’s some quick facts in a timeline.

10.X.65: “the topic (of Apoptosis) was resurrected” as a scientist studies the difference between two types of cellular death: Traumatic and Apoptosis.

1968: MISSISSIPPI: “Program committee of National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) offered a contract to provide standardized marijuana for researchers. Dr. Norman Doorenbos, chair of UM Department of Pharmacognosy, applied for and was awarded the contract.” The image below is from the 1974 hearings “MARIJUANA-HASHISH EPIDEMIC AND ITS IMPACT ON UNITED STATES SECURITY:

10.23.70. Congress passed the Controlled Substance Act, making marijuana a Schedule-I drug. They said it had no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. They banned all medical use and research.

9.9.71. Richard Nixon to Shafer: “I think there’s a need to come out with a report that is totally oblivious to some obvious differences between marijuana and other drugs, other dangerous drugs.”  SOURCE

3.23.72. Shafer Commission dispels many myths about Cannabis and calls for Deregulation. SOURCE

4.X.72. The first modern use of the word “Apoptosis” occurs in a paper. “The term apoptosis is proposed for a hitherto little recognized mechanism of controlled cell deletion, which appears to play a complementary but opposite role to mitosis in the regulation of animal cell populations.” SOURCE. Apoptosis is based on a Greek word for “falling off.” Some say it dates back to Hippocrates. SOURCE. Karl Vogt of Germany is generally credited with first describing the modern notion of Apoptosis in 1842. SOURCE

7.1.73. MISSISSIPPI: Congress established the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to be the lead agency for enforcement of the Controlled Substance Act.

1974. MISSISSIPPI: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) was established under the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration.”

5.9.74. Before Congress, “eminent scientists” testify about THC and DDT. I’ll do more on DDT later. Meantime, pay very close attention to the language on DNA and RNA synthesis and mitotic index. They are basically describing apoptosis. In a 2015 Apoptosis paper below, I found very similar language. The scientists were also obviously coached in disinformation. They described cellular damage as a scary manner, not as the process that prevents cancer from occurring: ““Marihuana, even when used in moderate amounts, causes massive damage to the entire cellular process,” Marihuana-Hashish Epidemic.

2005. MISSISSIPPI: “NCNPR acquired an additional DEA Schedule-I bulk manufacturer to provide cannabis extract to pharmaceutical companies. 1,500 kg of marijuana was produced this year in the outdoor garden.”

5.15.15: “Apoptosis is a tightly coordinated cell death program that damages mitochondria, DNA, proteins, and membrane lipids. Little is known about the fate of RNA as cells die. Here, we show that mRNAs, but not noncoding RNAs, are rapidly and globally degraded during apoptosis.” SOURCE